Excess Sports Athlete Management is a full service sports agency with the primary focus on providing the individual attention and unsurpassed commitment that every professional athlete deserves.
We are founded upon Honesty, Trust and Integrity, the ethical compass that builds strong realationships with our clients and their families.
ESM provides a wealth of services through various key partnerships with those that specialize in understanding the unique lifestyle of a professional athlete as well as adhering to ESM's "Concierge Services" philosophy. 
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Client Testimonials
  1. Jonathan Aro/Boston Red Sox
    Jonathan Aro/Boston Red Sox
    Excess Sports has played a very important role in my ability to achieve success within my baseball career. They have always been there to support me both on and off the field. I appreciate all that Excess Sports has done to support my career and help me reach my goals in professional baseball.
  2. Trevor Brown/San Francisco Giants
    Trevor Brown/San Francisco Giants
    ESM is a high class agency with integrity and knowledgeable agents that care to your questions and needs. They take a hands on approach and truly care about your career. My relationship with my agent feels more like a friendship which helps me build the trust I need. All around great decision to join on with them...I couldn't be happier.
  3. Mitch Delfino / San Francisco Giants
    Mitch Delfino / San Francisco Giants
    I chose Excess Sports based on “trust and commitment.” Tony and ESM guided myself and my family along every step of the way up to the 2012 MLB Draft. He's provided me the information needed to be successful within the organization worked tirelessly to ensure that not only I but my family had all the information needed to make the best informed decision. If you want that “personal attention” then make Excess Sports your agency!
  4. Danny Putnam / Oakland A's
    Danny Putnam / Oakland A's
    In a time of super-agents and mega-firms, it is priceless to have a personable, attentive, and proactive agency such as ESM. They don't rest until they get the job done. Excess Sports has been and will continue to be an essential partner in my baseball career. I cannot recommend Excess Sports enough.
  5. Jeff Gray / Chicago White Sox
    Jeff Gray / Chicago White Sox
    I have developed a very strong business and personal relationship that has allowed me to focus on my professional development. Tony has repeatedly demonstrated commitment to my success by way of their proactive advocacy with MLB team management. This isn't just business, we're family!
  6. Ryan Dull/Oakland A's
    Ryan Dull/Oakland A's
    ESM has taken care of me from day one, they've do everything to make sure their clients are happy and helped me with my career development as well as various outside distractions to stay focused on their overall goals.
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